last night in bangkok

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For our last feast in Bangkok Andy took us to Seacon Square to Chiseng Lamian, a Chinese noodle shop where they make their own noodles and dumplings. Without a pasta machine too. We had the soup dumplings, though I must say they were nothing like the ones we had  at the Pacificana in Brooklyn. One bite, and a burst of soup spurted into the mouth, perfectly warm without being scalding hot. However, the Chiseng noodles in the pork noodle soup  were perfectly al dente, the baby mustard greens just crisp tender, and the pork was perfection: it held up to the chopstick until placed in the mouth then it was tender without being dry or chewy. We all ordered the Thai iced lemongrass-ginger spiced tea.  Without the ubiquitous condensed milk. It was definitely home-made, with frozen tea-ice cubes. I thought I tasted cloves in it.  For dessert, I ate the frozen ice cubes. By the end of the meal they had turned into the consistency of tea-flavored shaved ice.

4 thoughts on “last night in bangkok

  1. I love watching people make noodles, it looks like magic – all of a sudden there are noodles. I went to a noodle shop in Japan and the chef had a large lump of dough in his hand and he had a knife in the other. He was standing a couple of feet away from the pot and he would slice the noodle, then the noodle would fly through the air and land in the pot. Everyone was slurping their appreciation of the soup, but I just could not do it. It was one of the most memorable meals that I had in Tokyo.

    1. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a meal take shape right before you. I don’t think you have to slurp to appreciate a good soup, just smack your lips together! It is like applause…

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