home made poh pia

Poh Pia is sometimes called the Chinese tortilla. It is a thin wheat pancake made of just flour and water,  that is filled with meat, vegetables, and sauce. The fillings make the poh pia outstanding; the pancake is merely the holder. These fillings vary regionally as well as from family to family. Usually, we buy the pancakes, because it’s easier than making them. But I was wrong. Making them from scratch is not only delicious, it’s fun to play with your food! Our friend Arun and his wife Ann invited us to share their family meal and taught me how to make these delicious unassuming pancakes. Two of them are rolled out together with a little oil in between to make a double pancake. After you fry up a double pancake, you peel them apart and you have two pancakes again!

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10 thoughts on “home made poh pia

  1. Hey, Joanie! I love this idea about putting the pancakes together to form the pouch. I make chipatties sometimes (mine are usually rubbish really but I still enjoy them) but I always have the problem of the fillings rolling out when I try to make a wrap or burritto type thing. I found this recipe online recently with sweet potatoes, and I made it. It came out pretty okay and I loooooved it! I will post it here for you, if that’s okay: it actually sweet potatoe roti: http://www.subbuskitchen.com/2013/04/sweet-potato-roti.html#.Un7hGfmsiSp

    1. Hi Joy, I know, it is the strangest way to make pancakes! After cooking a double pancake, you peel them apart and you have two separate pancakes. And thank you for the link! I went to check it out–looks delicious, just like you said.

      1. But you don’t peel the pancakes totally apart, do you? i thought you leave them stuck together at one end sort-of, so that you can make a sandwich with one end sealed . . .well that’s what i intend to do anyway . . LOL

      1. Recipes for fillings that are healthy…I’m afraid that will have to wait until I have more time! I signed up for National Novel Writing Month and I am trying my hardest to write 50,000 words by November 30th! 🙂

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