ciao, cucina

IMG_0443 Headed for the junk pile is our old Caloric. We’ve had this Caloric range since we moved to Thailand in 1989. I roasted 19 turkeys in that oven–the first year we spent Christmas in Australia so I didn’t do a turkey. Over the years, the oven thermostat broke and the electronic ignition for the burners gave up. But the oven kept on going until two weeks ago when my pound cake failed to bake.


It’s very hard to replace an American gas stove in Thailand so we went with an Italian brand called Tecnogas. It’s just as wide but not as tall or as deep as the Caloric, so the kitchen actually seems bigger. An added bonus is I can finally get into the cupboard to the left of the stove, so now I have more storage space!

Tell me what you think!

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