@bacco in bangkok

Click to play this Smilebox slideshowMy favorite Italian restaurant in Bangkok is Bacco. We always order these tried and true never-fails: the baked eggplant and the bacon caesar salad. The eggplant is full of flavor and just the right warmth to make it comfort food for the soul. And who can resist the salty, tangy, crunchy flavor of the caesar salad served in a crispy “papadum” bowl? I don’t know the Italian word for it, but it seems every culture has a variation on serving food with a crispy bread in a mold. The Chinese use taro to weave a  basket for a fruit salad. We ordered two types of pasta, spinach ravioli with shrimp and spaghetti Bolognese with meat sauce. Both were insipid and such a disappointment! Though the pasta was al dente, the sauces were unaccountably weak rather than full-bodied tomato sauces. The pizza with four cheeses (quattro formaggi) was delicious; the crust was just right. And of course I had to have dessert. We shared the tiramisu and the strawberry cheesecake.  The tiramisu was nothing like New York’s. Topped with fresh not frozen strawberries the cheesecake was a treat–though I would have preferred a pot of the raspberry sauce. Even for an anniversary dinner, the foodie in me is always the critic!
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