my dream cake

We’re getting close to our Songkran break, the Thai new year holiday. I’m planning on doing a lot of cooking and baking when I am home. For Easter, of course, and, well, also “just because!” Just because I want to.  I have been fantasizing about making this cake, the Crystallized White Rose Cake I saw on Butter and Brioche —because it’s so beautiful. Crystallized-White-Rose-Cake-940x627

It’s the kind of cake that has to be planned. I am searching for the ingredients and finding that two of them are particularly hard to find: rose extract and organic roses. One of the teachers at school tells me I should try Pahurat, the Indiantown of  Bangkok to find the rose extract. As for the organic roses, they have everybody stumped. What about orchids? They are edible and also very common. Every garden, nook, tree, and balcony have orchids hanging. When I am ready to bake this cake, I will cut  a spray of orchids growing in our pots upstairs, lovingly coat them with egg white, and sprinkle them with sugar.

Tell me what you think!

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