Review: Vie Ha Long, Piyarom, Phra Khanong, Bangkok

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Vie Ha Long used to be our favorite Vietnamese restaurant but then it changed locations and now, it has moved back. It’s like an old friend had come home.

Top left: Grilled sausage. It is placed in the center of a rice noodle that is then folded over with pineapple, green mango, young banana, garlic and chilies. I like to eat it with a sweet-sour sauce.

Top Right: Grilled pork. It’s eaten with a handful of vermicelli and a spicy sour sauce. It has a bitter charred flavor.

Bottom Left: Grilled chicken salad. Served on a giant black sesame-rice cracker, grilled chicken with a pomelo, basil and lemongrass salad. It has a strong herbal flavor and a delicious crunch.

Bottom right: Vietnamese Coffee Crème Brulée. Creamy, cooling to the tongue, crackly and crunchy! It’s also sweet and bitter all at the same time.