Review: BKK Bagel Bakery, Maneeya Center, Ploenchit, Bangkok

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Now this is a deli! Not quite a New York deli but not pretending to be one either–though there was a big poster of the Brooklyn Bridge just to establish its credentials.

Like a typical NY deli, it had the menu on a blackboard. There was the refrigerated case with pastries and cakes inside; I was disappointed not to see a display of meats, spreads, olives, capers, and pickles.  But, there in the case on top of the pastries,  preciously stacked and labeled, The Bagels, our raison d’être. Just what we came into the bakery to nosh! There was a selection of rye, cinnamon, wheat, plain, onion, sea salt, everything, sesame and poppy seed. But no raisin. I guess I can’t have everything.

Of course, we had to order the lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel. It came to the table, offered itself up to us innocently and openly, with capers, onions, a sprinkling of fresh dill on top of slivers of salmon, and a tiny piece of lemon on the side. It should have been a quarter.  The bagel had been warmed, it was chewy, just the way I like it, but not as fat as the ones we used to get in New York.

This was not Broadway’s Absolute Bagel, where the bagel comes to you in a paper bag by the end of the line. This is a Bangkok-style bakery after all; it has a little class. Our bagels were brought to us on a plain white ceramic plate by a wait-person. And there is silverware at the table, not plastic.

After the bagel, we tried the deep dish apple pie. It was tart with a sugar crust, but then, apple pies are not unusual here. A good bagel, though, is worth the hunt. For that privilege, we did pay New York prices. The bagels we ordered were US$7.00 each, and the apple pie was $4.00. But for a bagel fix, I’d go back there again.

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